Tuscan Fields® Organic Ancient Grains
and Organic Grain & Vegetable Blends

Tuscan Fields Farro Perlato

Tuscan Fields farro ai Funghi

Tuscan Fields Farro ai Funghi

Tuscan Fields Orzo Perlato

Tuscan Fields Orzo alle Verdure

Tuscan Fields Zuppa Mista

Tuscan Fields® Products:

  • * Farro Perlato – 100% organic semi-pearled farro
  • * Farro alle Verdure – 100% organic farro blended with organic dried tomato, onion, parsley, garlic, bell pepper
  • * Farro ai Funghi – 100% farro blended with organic dried Porcini Mushrooms, carrots, onion, parsley, garlic
  • * Orzo Perlato – 100% organic Orzo (Barley) pearled
  • * Orzo alle Verdure – 100% organic Orzo blended with organic dried tomato, onion,parsley, garlic, bell pepper
  • * Zuppa Mista – 100% organic dried soup blend of farro, red lentils and millet

 Highly Nutritious – NO GMOs – High Fiber – High Protein
Low Glycemic Index (40)

Convenient 9.1 oz package – Easy to cook – Delicious and versatile
as entree, side dish or salad – Many Easy Recipes

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